This is a little video of my dogs stealing my gum. I usually don't give my dogs gum, but I wanted to see what would happen. They made me laugh so hard, it was difficult to blow bubbles. ;o) 

The brown dog's name is Cody. She's a pitbull. They get a bad rep, but she's the sweetest dog I've ever known. So gentle. Even when she tries to get the gum.

The white, fluffy dog is Grizz. A lot of people comment on how beautiful he is when I walk him. He could be in the movies. (Well, now he is. LOL!) It was a bit more difficult to let him grab the gum because he was so excited and kept snapping at my nose by accident.


This is a video of my dogs swimming in the pool. The big brown one is a chocolate lab. Her name is Brownie. (Figures, right?) The 2 smaller ones are her puppies. The light brown one is Bandit. The black one is Angel.

They absolutely LOVE to go swimming. I never taught them to climb up that ladder. They just started doing it one day when they realized there's water at the other end of the steps.

Bandit swims nonstop. He's like the Energizer Bunny. He's always chasing after a ball or bugging the other dogs to play with him. Brownie is a lot more relaxed. She prefers to chill on a float and let the sun shine on her back.


Good doggies!


I get pretty bad stage fright, so I was a nervous wreck during this interview. It went better than I expected though. I thought I would just totally space out.

That's what happened when I was interviewed on a nationally syndicated radio show. The DJ asked me a question, and I started to answer, but suddenly I totally forgot what I was talking about. I had no idea what he had asked me or what I was saying. I just started at him. The DJ looked at me, saw that I froze and started to motion wildy with his hands to make me start talking again.

After what felt like an eternity, I just started talking about something else. In post-production they fixed it and cut out the long pause. On the finished broadcast, all you hear is a quick pause while I'm talking about something, and then suddenly I am talking about something completely different. ;-)

Remind me never to do this sort of thing again.


Pretty weird, huh? My clip is one of the most watched UFO videos on YouTube, with over 4 million views. And it was featured on a Japanese TV show about UFOs and in this article in the British newspaper The Telegraph.